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Art paper ink

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Breakthrough in art paper printing! BCinks art paper ink can be directly printed on offset printing paper with Epson printers. This makes your inkjet printer an offset machine, and greatly lowers your cost. You can print your name cards, invitations, brochures, menus, posters and presentations by yourself at any time, always cheap and convenient.


  • True art paper ink, no coating needed.
  • Waterproof, great rub-resistance.
  • Suitable for piezo-electronic printers like Epson
Art paper ink
Batch Certificate
Items Black Color
PH Value(ph) 7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0
Viscosity(Ms) 2.0-3.8 2.5-4.0
Surface Tnsion(cps) 30.0-50.0 27.0-35.0
Density(Water=1) 1.01-1.05 1.01-1.05
Stability > 1 Year > 1 Year
Thaw Test (60℃) > 30 Day > 30 Day
Freeze Test (0℃) > 6 Cycle > 6 Cycle
Hydronium Content < 100ppm < 100ppm
Distribution of Particles < 0.5μm < 0.5μm

Product Categories

Art paper ink

Sublimation ink

●Color sharpness, high resolution, lifelike image after transfer.

●High transfer rate.

●Print on plain paper or professional sublimation transfer paper。

●Good scratch resistance and washing resistance。

●Suitable for piezo-electronic printers.

Wall paper ink


● Green ink, safe and clean;

● Any design, print now and get now

● Direct printing on uncoated media

● Long lasting

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